"Marathon" - Colour, 35 mm, clay-mation, 5:10 min
Year of Production: 2008, Germany

Many ordinary but different people taking part on a marathon in a small town. Abruptly it becomes foggy and the mist is getting more and more dense. The people losing their orientation. Because they cannot stop their running, they disappear in the milky fog.


Director: Izabela Plucinska, Spela Cadez Spela Cadez
Animation: Izabela Plucinska, Spela Cadez
Editing: Daniela Kinateda
Music: Max Knoth
Digital Effects: Marcus Bledowski, Marcus Bledowski
Producer: Nico Grein&Sebastian Leutner GbR Germany,
Izabela Plucinska/ClayTraces
Delegate Producer: Jamila Wenske/ClayTraces

Foundation: DEFA Stiftung Germany, FFA Germany

Distribution/ Film Shipping
Nico Grein & Sebastian Leutner GbR
Oberhausener Straße 1a, 79341 Kenzingen, Germany




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MARATHON from izabela plucinska on Vimeo.




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